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James Garner

Employment History

  • Sony (PlayStation Research & Development), London
  • Engineer. Architecting and delivering a greenfield, test-driven serverless API solution on AWS for multiple stakeholders. Designing, building and then leading to completion a new self-serviced development environment, defined in source control and updated automatically through Chef configuration management. Key contributor to “tracker issue” API abstraction, decoupling frontend and backend code and introducing AngularJS. Full DevOps duties and scrum master responsibility, presenting to Japan and America and leading sprint reviews. Working between London and California.
  • The Client Relationship Consultancy LLP, London
  • Developer. Full stack JavaScript and PHP work visualising complex data sets in D3 and beyond for the world’s leading agency groups. Lead development of automated dossier generation with human-like language on agency performance. Decommissioned legacy hardware with wktmltopdf and upgraded internal systems including Hatjitsu (node.js app for agile estimations). Co-lead introduction of code reviews, git workflow and bi-weekly knowledge sharing presentations.
  • Relative Insight Ltd, Lancaster
  • Data Scientist. Developed custom Python web scrapers for high profile brands including Oxford University and Smirnoff. Developed and published language normalisation algorithms.
  • DataCentred Ltd, MediaCityUK, Manchester
  • Cloud Applications Engineer. Developed and delivered a customer facing AngularJS/Ruby on Rails web app which reflected JIRA in real-time. Proudly represented DataCentred at the Greater Manchester Data Dive, described as “our awesome intern” and my code is still in production.
  • NextWorldWeb Ltd, InfoLab21, Lancaster
  • Developer. Moved legacy systems to CakePHP, WordPress & CS-Cart. Automated WordPress theme creation from any site. Successful internship and continuous employment.
  • jadaradix design + systems (Invisionsoft), Worldwide
  • Full stack freelance consultancy for national clients.
  • Developed ‘DS Game Maker’ IDE since 2007 in .NET and C (now open source). By age 17 I'd sold over 1,500 serial codes and 350 physical ‘Homebrew Kits’. It was adopted at American summer camps and site licenses were sold to schools worldwide.
  • Engineered the complete cross platform & HTML5 game maker ‘Dark Flow’ (lead developer) on a team of 5. Games ran on OS X/Windows/Linux via a .NET (Mono) bytecode runner and the web/mobile devices via native JavaScript generation. Leveraged live customer behaviour data to drive sales.

Technical Skills & Leadership

  • node.js and universal JavaScript (AngularJS), HTML5, scalability, RESTful API strategy
  • Frontend workflow (Sass/Grunt/Browserify…), open source project management
  • Serverless architecture (AWS), data visualisation (D3), C (ARM)
  • .NET (C#, VB), Python, Ruby on Rails, test-driven configuration management (Chef)

  • The Computer Science Society President (2014 — 2015)
  • InterTech LGBT+ Diversity Forum Organiser and ‘DO’ Hacker (2014 — present)
  • Lüdenscheid-Brighouse German Twin Town Society Host (2012 — present)
  • English (Native)
  • German (Fluent)


  • 2:1 Computer Science BSc (Hons), University of Lancaster, UK
  • Distributed Systems; Languages and Compilation; Artificial Intelligence; Advanced Internet & Mobile Applications; Media Coding & Processing; Operating Systems & Concurrency; Functional Programming (Erlang/Python); Team Android development; Digital Systems (Pure Mathematics, Assembly, Compiling, Debugging).
  • German Studies, University of Lancaster, UK
  • German 20th Century Culture, History, and Society; Researched Paper ‘Die Folgen der Veränderung der deutschen Sprache’ Grammar; Discussion.

Professional Development

Talks Given

  • One Vision: Universal JavaScript
  • Grunt/Browserify build processes, React and live demo of writing a PHP to universal JavaScript transition layer with ES2015.
  • Nintendo DS Homebrew, 2014 Edition
  • DunDDD conference. “Adventures in the retro Homebrew Scene” and live demo of writing Nintendo DS homebrew.
  • Facebook Data Analysis
  • “What does your Facebook say about you? I will show how we can leverage Computer Science to learn about our own everyday on-line interactions.”

Conferences & Hackathons

  • PHP UK Hackathon
  • Second Prize winners. Real time, websocket powered Twitter sentiment analysis “battle between two topics” with MonkeyLearn, Pusher, AngularJS and HTML5 canvas tag clouds.
  • Global Startup Weekend 2014
  • First Prize winners. Developed a one line JavaScript plug-in for reputation based comments, quantifying personality to eliminate on-line trolls. Team of 4.
  • Greater Manchester Data Dive
  • Drilled into a dataset of ~700,000 Tweets from the Greater Manchester and Lancashire region to look for insights to strengthen the local community. Statistical analysis and heatmapping. Team of ~8.
  • InfoLab21 Showcase (University of Lancaster)
  • Presented my research “Geosocial Networking Security and Facebook Semantic Analysis” alongside PhD students, looking at reverse engineering of Grindr (‘Stalkr’) to automatically find users’ locations. Authored an NLP framework in .NET for analysing Facebook chat data to create private social graphs.
  • Hack Smart Streets 2014 (University of Lancaster)
  • ‘Most Commercially Viable’ Prize winners (£1000). Developed an API for public bodies to detect decaying street furniture from crowdsourced imagery in .NET using ffmpeg and a home grown Computer Vision algorithm. Team of 4.
  • LeedsHack 2013
  • First Prize winners (4 Apple TVs). Developed HTML5 mobile augmented reality game ‘Pacman City’.
  • I’m a regular at Google, Goldman Sachs, CodeNode and Yammer events. Manchester Bēhance Portfolio Review, 2014. London JavaScript Community “AppCamp” (cross platform Ext JS 6). LeedsHack, 2012 (real-time Tower Defence game on Google Maps).